Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy statement has been created by Four Way Pages and all its subsidiaries taken together. The company has the right to both commit and protect all the rights in the form of our Privacy Policy. The above statement simply reflects in what way we use, collect and secure all your personal data/information by using any of our websites. The above privacy statement reflects all the basic requirements of Canada's Provincial and Federal legislation along with our other commitments to protect our user's information.

By using the Four Way Pages website in any way, you will be agreeing to all our policy and privacy statements. In case, you do not wish to show your consent or do not agree with any of the statements given under the policy statement, discontinue using this website immediately.

What do you mean by personal information?

Personal information simply relates you as an individual. It gives a unique identity and better helps you identify in the form of an individual. This is achieved by taking into account all of your personal information including your name, email address, mailing address, mobile/telephone number. All these examples are taken into account to identify you as an individual. The information publically given or present to identify an individual can’t be called as personal information which is available to the public. Still, some of the information, given on any of the public forum or directory may still be qualified and be placed under the business information. This statement does not cover the information related to your business.

Collecting your personal info

To be precise, we do not intend to collect any sort of personal information of users. The personal information of users is only collected when you submit it with your own consent that can be in the form of applying online. It can also be in the form of your email address, answering or filling out any of the surveys, posting an online blog, submitting your own reviews or at the time of registering any of our services. Please also note that your personal information can also be seen if you choose to submit it publically through the website. We expect you to be attentive at the time of sharing and submitting your personal info in such areas.

In case, if you do not wish to provide any of your personal information using online medium, it will not lead to any sort of material consequences. It may only result some other inconvenience like you won't be able to participate in a few promotional campaigns, receive our most viable product information, or some other personalized services. Four Way Pages website simply provides you an opportunity to opt out from any of our communication at any point of time. 

Please also note that Four Way Pages may take all the cookies into account for the purpose of tracking user's traffic pattern in a legitimate way. A cookie is nothing but a small data file that some websites use it as the source of information of users after their visit. Also, the only personal info that a cookie has can be in the form of user's own information supplied by him/her. We do not use and share the information supplied by our users in the form of cookies like selling them to a third party in any way.

Four Way Pages may legitimately use software(s) that legitimately records and receives the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the specific computer that actually contacted our website(s). We do not even try to link these addresses and make use of the identity of respective individuals who visit our website.

In addition to the above information, we also serve a plenty of 3rd party advertisers in the form of their advertisements. While serving them, they often place information in the form of cookies after their visit to our website.

The information can be in the form of IP address, type of browser, etc. It may also contain some other information that can be in the form of name of the web page or user's activity all along the day. All such information is used by 3rd parties to better optimize and understand the entire online advertising projects.

We frequently analyze and use our software to gauge about the effectiveness of our services that eventually help us monitor about user's preferences to like/dislike our services. In addition to this, we also get an idea to improve our performances as well.

We also prepare user's information/statistics summary to use them for our research and other lawful purpose.

Sharing and using personal information

In general, we genuinely use and collect user's personal data to run some internal contests, programs or services. This eventually helps us to understand the mindset of users towards our services. This also helps all our front-line staff to better analyze the activity of users in the form of how they rate our service.

In the same ways, we also collect user's personal info in the form of contacting our suppliers or customers regarding our products or services. While doing that, we occasionally merge or exchange user's personal data from 3rd parties to accomplish the same.

We occasionally share the personal information of users either through our contractors or agents in respect of the services we get from them. However, while using our 3rd party contractors, we do make sure that user's personal information is shared for the sole purpose it is meant to be shared with them. Please note that some of our suppliers and contractors are also located outside of Canada and therefore subjected to abide foreign laws. These laws include the disclosure of sharing all the personal information to agencies in all such foreign countries.

Retention and Safeguards

We take immense measures to protect your personal data that can be in the form of organizational, technological and physical safeguards. We are committed to secure your data from any kind of theft, loss, modification and disclosure. You can very well visit Four Way Pages website without submitting your personal info. As you know, the information that you submit online is not 100% secure, we therefore do not make any warranty to secure specific information that you submit electronically as you do that at your own risks.

Your consent using our services

The moment you enter your personal information to us, it automatically means that you give your consent to use, collect and disclose your information as given in the form of disclosing or collecting the information. In case, you do not want us to collect your personal information in any way, you can choose either option:

Refrain from submitting your personal info at all

Follow all the opt-out procedures during the collection of info

Do not take part in opt-in procedures, especially at the time of collecting information. In case, you have accidentally submitted your personal information but do not wish to go ahead with that, you may simply contact us by filling out the contact form. You can also email us as well.

Terms of Use

In any case regarding the dispute of any sort with Four Way Pages, it will be subject to this statement. At the same time, it will be governed only by our terms and conditions.

Also, we reserve the right to update our policies at any time without giving the prior notice of the same. We advise you to visit this page occasionally and update yourself regarding any change(s) in our policy statement. 

Contact Us 

If you want us to give you an access of all your personal info, you need to give us in writing. Also, if you want to make changes in any of your personal information, you need to write us/ inform us in the form of an email and we will update you with the same as soon as possible.